Wix Website Maintenance Services

Maintain Excellence in Your Wix Website with UpGraph Digital's Dedicated Wix Website Maintenance Services.
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Maintain Fresh Looks

Serve better user experiences and leave best impressions to clients.

Fresh Content

Attract and retain visitors for your fresh and quality content.

Extend Wix Ecommerce

Scale your Wix Websites with ecommerce and app integration.

Wix Website Maintenance Services

UpGraph Digital is your go-to partner for ensuring the ongoing success of your Wix website. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, we understand the importance of a well-maintained and visually captivating website. Our Wix Website Maintenance Services are crafted to keep your online presence vibrant, functional, and ready to captivate your audience.
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website backup services

Scheduled Website backups

Let us ensure timely website backups are taken for business to assure recovery.
Website Speed Improvements

Website Bug Fixes 

Glitches disrupt user experiences. Our dedicated Wix Experts team is on standby to identify and resolve issues promptly.
New Website Page Creation

New Web Pages Creation 

Let us assist in rolling out new services, offers and campaigns with new Wix website page designs as needed on time.
website theme and plugin updates

Updating website themes 

Keep your Wix website looks afresh by updating to latest Wix website Templates.
Website CDN & SSL Installation Support

Website CDN & SSL Services

Websites need optimisation for speed, mobile responsiveness and seo-friendliness.
Website Bug Troubleshooting SErvices

Website  Bug Troubleshooting

We will help you fix any Wix website maintenance issues triggered by bugs, or scripts, server errors or database mistakes.
Website security services

Wix App Integration 

Stay up-to-date with the latest Wix apps. We seamlessly manage Wix app updates.
web-content updation

Website Content Updation

Why give a not-so-good first impression to your clients. Let us update Wix Website content regularly.
Website Dedicated Support services

Website Dedicated Support

We offer committed and dedicated Wix website Maintenance support to small businesses in the London UK. 

Wix Website Maintenance Portfolio

Browse through the websites maintained by UpGraph Website Design Company in London UK for multiple businesses across the World.

Advantages of Wix Website Maintenance

Maintaining websites up to date offer many advantages to business owners. Let UpGraph Wix Website Maintenance Company in London UK maintain your websites.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Smartphones and Tablets

Resolutions, and Orientations

Enhanced User Experiences

SEO Friendly Websites

User-friendly Navigation

Page Structure and Content

Optimized with Keywords

Content Rich Websites

Niche Personalized Content

Plagiarism-free Content Writing

SEO Optimised Content Writing

Benefits of Wix Website Maintenance

Maintaining Wix websites up to date offer many benefits to business owners from a branding, SEO, Paid Ads performance perspective. Get a website maintenance quote. 

Business Benefits

24 hour SLA Support
SEO Performance
Better Brand Image
Consistent Branding
Complete peace of mind

Technical Benefits

Uptime Monitoring
Multi-Lingual Support
Highly Secure Websites
Quick rollout of new functionality
Patch Updates

Administrative Benefits

CMS Optimisation
Scalable to any extent
Swift migration in minutes
Flexibility to change themes
Availability of expert help
We are a result-oriented website design company in London UK providing full cycle support for Wix Websites and e-Commerce websites. Select a plan from website maintenance packages.


Hear from our customers about their experience of maintaining Websites with us.
I know UpGraph website maintenance company for over 11 Years. They helped me with the maintenance of 4 websites in these years. Absolutely trustable and highly responsive.
Founder, Brightside Manor Care Home 
Cardiff, UK
UpGraph is an expert website maintenance in London that has awesome website maintenance specialists. They bring their research and value add. They manage our wix website very well.
Founder, ESG Disclose Ltd. 
Liverpool, UK
Our website is neat and performing very well. Thanks to UpGraph Digital website maintenance service experts. As a small business owner, we have complete peace of mind in focusing on our core business.
Director, ESG UK
Cheshire West and Chester

Wix Website Maintenance Packages

We Fix 99% Of Website Maintenance Issues Within 24 Hours.
UpGraph Digital offers affordable Wix website maintenance packages in London, UK with optimal page loading speed, mobile-friendly and SEO optimized websites with professional support. Our website maintenance packages starts as low as £50 and upwards of £1000.
website landing page design in london

Perfect for smaller sites and blogs where you might just need the occasional bit of assistance with your site.

£100 - £200
Per Month + VAT
wordpress website design agency in london

Ideal for Business websites where regular maintenance is essential and important for consistent branding.

£250 - £500
Per Month + VAT
ecommerce web design agency in london

Focus on your core online eCommerce Wix maintenance in London UK. We will keep your website clean.

£500 - £1000
Per Month + VAT
custom web design company in london

Enhanced website maintenance support package that offers complete peace of mind while we handle everything.

Per Month + VAT
** Please note that the above indicated website maintenance costs are exclusive of any applicable taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Wix maintenance company in London UK, UpGraph Digital has explicitly published website support and maintenance cost and frequently asked questions from our customers. Initiate a Chat with us if you still have queries. 

What is the website maintenance cost in London UK?

Website maintenance cost in London UK varies depending on different factors involved in the website design, website functionality, CMS platform, and the scale of the website. UpGraph Digital offers affordable website maintenance packages start as low as £50 and upwards of £1000 per month.

Why is Wix website maintenance important?

Website maintenance is very important as it ensures that your website is not only secure but always functioning optimally to perform well from a SEO, paid advertisements perspective to capture leads seamlessly.
WordPress CMS is built using PHP and Linux based technology stack. Modern Hosting Providers provide both Windows and Linux based hosting packages for hosting your WordPress Websites. Ensure the hosting has latest version of PHP and supports MySQL Database created for your WordPress websites.

What is covered by your website maintenance package?

Our website maintenance package will cover all basic things like ensuring 3rd party software up to date, plugins are up to date, theme files are up to date, ensuring your page images are optimally compressed, ensuring your website scripts load optimally and often checks to ensure that your website as a whole hasn’t been hacked and that there have not been any downtime.

Are there any SLAs for your website maintenance services?

Yes, we have a 24 hours to 72 Hours website maintenance services SLA Commitment to respond and complete your website maintenance requests other than our routine website maintenance checks.

What is NOT covered in your Website maintenance packages?

This is a great question. Yes, other than the tasks that are concerned with updating content, replacing images, maintaining theme files up to date, taking backups etc. Our website maintenance packages don't involve writing content, creating new page design layouts, paying for any online services on your behalf etc.

How much a freelance website maintenance specialist charges?

Freelance website maintenance experts in London UK charge either on an hourly basis or as a project basis. There is no specific price tag as freelance website maintenance specialists between £100 to £1000 for basic websites and £1000 to £2000 for advanced e-commerce websites.

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UpGraph Wix Website Maintenance Packages are affordable. Let us maintain your websites to meet desired goals.

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