PPC Agency in London UK

PPC Ads Agency in London UK

Drive traffic & generate new Leads Online 

Attain online marketing goals like quality traffic, new business leads on Google Search Engine or likes & engagement on Social Media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.
Digital Marketing Results - You Desire

Why PPC Strategy is important?

UpGraph Digital's PPC services in London will provide you quality traffic from the right target audience and convert them as your clients. Understanding your online marketing goals, we will put together a personalised PPC strategy and Paid Ads on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Attract and convert customers precisely from London based locations, national, or even international locations.

PPC traffic on your website converts 50% better than organic site visitors.


65% of small to mid-sized businesses have a PPC campaign in place.


82% of internet traffic is projected to come from Video ads by 2022

Attract and convert customers Online!

Choose UpGraph Digital as your Search Engine Marketing agency - PPC Partner in London, UK. Garner maximum Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Online.
Get a free PPC Audit in London

PPC Audit Services

Let's analyse your PPC campaigns setup and recommend campaign optimisation ideas for better CPC.
ppc campaign strategy

PPC Campaign Strategy

Together we shall put together an optimal PPC campaign strategy that aligns with your goals & budget.
pay per click ppc campaign setup

PPC Campaign Setup

We will set up a solid foundation for your PPC initiative. This will help us scale PPC ads in future.
ppc campaign landing page design

Campaign Landing Page Design

Our web designers will help you design and deploy ppc campaign landing pages that convert.
ppc ad copywriting

Ad Copywriting

Take support from our copywriters in coming up with compelling ppc ad copies that connect with audiences.
ppc ad creative design in london

Creative Design Services

For Google display and Facebook Ads, we shall create converting PPC ad creatives with multiple sizes.
campaign landing page optimisation service in london

Landing Page Optimisation

Improve campaigns performance with pages that are optimised for speed, mobiles & keywords.
youtube video ads agency in london

YouTube, FB & Instagram Ads

Engage & convert right target audiences on facebook, Instagram with social media ads.
SEM PPC reporting Dashboard

Reporting PPC Progress

Let's report valuable insights from your ppc campaign performance to further optimize PPC results.
We are overwhelmed with new business inquiries we generated using PPC ads. Thanks to UpGraph Digital PPC Agency in London who make it look like breathing easy.


CEO, Real Estate Company in London

300% ROAS for a Real Estate Company

JB Constructions, a 15 Year old company in London into the field of home construction gained 1st page ranking with our SEO Efforts in less than 4 months.

Lowest Cost Per Lead (CPL) for a SaaS Company

An IT Company in London that specializes in facility management software for facility management companies got their primary keywords ranked in 1st page.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a PPC agency in London, UpGraph Digital is excited to generate you leads, win subscribers, gain followers and other specific goals. Initiate a Chat with us if you still have queries. 

Why PPC Advertising is important for my Business?

Going to the market solely through organic search results take a longer time and many businesses need new business inquiries and a healthy sales funnel on a daily basis. That's where PPC Strategy comes into place. PPC campaigns can immediately take your brand to the audience in need of your services. That's why all businesses adopt a good balance of SEO and PPC strategy.

How much time it will take to launch our PPC ads?

From the time of getting started it usually takes 7-10 working days to launch your PPC Campaigns in full swing. It is important to allocate quality time during this initial time of campaign setup as the PPC experts need to validate a lot of campaign aspects with you. This time is required for the PPC expert to work with the copywriter, graphic designer, web designer and seo specialist.

How much you know about our niche business & audience?

PPC specialists in London from UpGraph Digital are experienced in running paid advertisements for multiple business niches. However they can swiftly work with you to understand your industry and plan PPC campaigns that bring optimal results.

Is PPC Ad spend different from your PPC service charge?

Yes, the AD Budget you spend is being paid directly to the Ad Platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. The PPC Agency charges you the Campaign Management Fee as their service charge. 

How long should I be running PPC Campaigns?

Businesses that have exposure in digital marketing and PPC campaigns know that PPC is a long term process. Once you start seeing 2X or 3X results of your AD budget spend, there are not many reasons why PPC campaigns need to be stopped. From there, the scope for optimising campaigns are better and ROI is higher. That said, the decision of running ppc campaigns or stopping ppc campaigns is completely yours.

What are the PPC ad channels you can support?

PPC campaigns can be run on multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube) and Search Engine networks (Google, Bing etc.) Our PPC experts are proven in bringing quality results and best ROAS on these platforms. 

How will you optimise our campaigns for maximum ROAS?

Upon spending initial 2-3 weeks of time since launching PPC ads, our PPC experts will analyze data to gain insights on the campaign performance. Based on the initial behaviour our PPC experts will optimize the campaigns based on optimal keywords, ad schedule, landing page optimisation, keyword match type balances, deploying retargeting campaigns and other best practices.

What other support you need from us apart from Ad Budget?

Our PPC Agency needs a lot of access credentials to make progress with the PPC project. We would need administrative level access to your websites, google analytics, google search console, google tag manager etc.
Apart from these credentials, we need frequent interlocks with your subject matter experts to validate our understanding of the audience and behaviour of audience on the websites. 

How will you pass on the leads to us on a daily basis?

UpGraph Digital PPC campaigns leads are passed on to our clients almost in a real-time manner. If the clients are willing to pay a nominal fee for the automated lead notification tools license cost, PPC leads from Facebook and Google Ads will be reaching your inbox for immediate follow-ups. You don't have to download from the ad platform in batches.

How much do PPC Agencies in London UK Charge?

Small Business PPC agencies in London like UpGraph Digital Marketing agency charge anything between £500 to £2500 per month for managing your PPC campaigns as their foundational PPC Package cost.  PPC experts hourly charges can cost you £50 - £100 per hour.

Get a PPC Proposal for your Business

Discuss your business growth goals. We shall consult how we can help your business grow.

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