The Client

PPC Ads for Weight loss clinic case study: Swastya Gastro Weight Loss Centre is one of the Weight Loss Clinics led by able Bariatric Surgeons. The weight loss clinic offers multiple surgical and non-surgical weight loss services to patients who fight obesity. The clinic opened 3 new branches to serve weight loss patients and needed to attract local patients.

The Challenge

Weight loss clinics do compete with multi-speciality hospitals and other similar weight loss consultants. The client need to optimise their website and local SEO digital properties with rich content resources to convince visitors.

Our SEO experts analysed their website and studied their competitors before finalising keywords that were promising for the client. Upon optimising from an onpage and offpage seo optimization the client started witnessing quality traffic from visitors who has the right intent. 

Along with the CTA Offers, the website started driving organic phone calls, directions to the clinic and online form submissions for doctor consultations.

Services Rendered

Web Design Services, Search Engine Optimisation Services, PPC Ads Services

Business Outcome

The client's website was redesigned using WordPress in a SEO-friendly manner and mobile-responsive manner. Post-completion of the website, the on-page SEO activities were undertaken. A detailed study on their Competitors was done and identified opportunities to rank our client's website faster. 

Upon completion of their on-page SEO and technical SEO, a focus was given to offline SEO strategies. 

Meanwhile an integrated PPC marketing campaign was planned with key marketing offers such as FREE consultation and Video Consultation etc. The PPC Ads for Weight loss clinic proved to be beneficial and supportive of their online growth.


Online PPC Case Study for weight loss clinic

Grow quality website traffic organically and command search engine ranking in your market

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